Onium Life Sciences is a budding contract research organization, which offers comprehensive synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry solutions to the life science and chemical industries.  Our roots are strongly supported by the rich experience of our scientific and management teams.  We aspire to facilitate and support the discovery processes through active collaborations with global organizations. We offer these services, both in FFS and FTE models.

Onium offers custom synthesis of organic molecules from milligram to multi-kilogram scale. We have formed a team of highly experienced scientists in the area of custom synthesis, route scouting, focused library synthesis, process development, impurity synthesis, reference compounds, deuterated reference standards and synthesis of novel compounds. We have a specialized team for the development of new catalytic methods that aid in the scale up processes.

Supported by the collective medicinal chemistry expertise of our scientific team, we also offer research and development services on drug discovery processes. The main focus would be on the designs and synthesis of new chemical entities. We are also in the process of expanding the drug discovery capabilities in biology through collaboration with our trusted partners.

Two of our dedicated Research and Development labs are currently located at Bangalore and Hyderabad. We have access to state of the art infrastructure to facilitate the on-time delivery of projects with highest quality in par with the client expectations.

Onium life sciences strictly adhere to the ISMS policies. We collectively assure that all the data and information would be kept confidential. Environment, health and safety would be given at most priority to support the green chemistry principles.